Dubai: How about some on-the-go shopping in Dubai? Just head for a bus stop near you.

Retailers are taking their brand offerings where prospective shoppers are most likely to be on the move or — at best — remaining still for a matter of minutes. But even that time and space can come in handy, as the options opening up at the city’s bus stops testify.

Apart from F&B products, these locations could soon start offering value-add services such as tickets to the movies and events as well as registering for SIM cards.

“Over 100,000 transactions are estimated to take place daily once all 100 locations have product or service kiosks,” said Rohit Dalmia, Managing Director of Smart Shelter, which has entered an alliance with RTA and Right Angle Media for the counters. (The average size is 2m x 2m.)

“The Smart Shelters are ideal for small-ticket products, especially on-the-go products and widely used courier and repairing services,” said Dalmia. “We agree joint ventures and partnerships with brands — it’s not a lease/sublease model. More info

By Manoj Nair, Associate Editor