The countdown is officially on! There are only four days until the start of the jam-packed schedule of events that millions of shoppers and families have been waiting for – the 22nd edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Back for DSF 2017 are all the amazing opportunities to win:

– The 12-Hour Exclusive New Year Shopping promotion at Majid Al Futtaim Malls across Dubai where shoppers can expect DSF exclusive rewards, daily promotions and offers for 12 hours, with a chance to win Dh50,000 in mall gift vouchers;

– The Infiniti Mega Raffle for a daily chance to win a new car and Dh150,000;

– A daily chance to win a new car with the Nissan Grand Raffle;

– The Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group Promotion for a daily chance at one kilo of gold;

– Dh1 million in prizes in the Happy Shopping, Happy Winnings promotion with community malls;

– The VISA Impossible Deals, which give shoppers anywhere from 20% to 80% off everything from electronics to cars

Don’t miss out on 16 nights of spectacular fireworks displays that start on the first four nights of the festival, and continue every Thursday, Friday and Saturday throughout the month of January. More info

By Staff